Green VET online Campus



2020 – 1 – LU – KA204 – 0632239


Vocational education and training is essential in helping young people and adults acquire the skills needed in the labour market and find quality jobs, especially after the Coronavirus crisis. VETCAMP designs and implements an innovative high-performing digital education ecosystem which capitalizes and enhances VET resources for delivering quality online vocational learning experience and make them accessible to learners around the EU. 

VETCAMP embraces the digital transition, fosters a future-oriented approach and provides VET institution with long-sought solutions. It addresses issues such as effective digital capacity planning and development, resource pooling, digital teaching and pedagogies, open education material, accessibility and inclusion, use of innovative tools and immersive technologies like virtual and augmented reality, quality assurance, digital recognition of learning outcomes, use of digital services like EUROPASS and mobility opportunities through EURES. 

VET should be capable to deliver high quality training programmes that align people and their needs with the needs of the green economy and labour market. VETCAMP suggests that this can better achieved through the pooling of resources and the employment of Open Educational Resources and Pedagogies. 



  • Create a unique, state-of-the-art, technology-enhances, fully regulated Online Campus for VET providers;
  • Develop a Regulatory Framework based on the OER approach for creating, sharing, capitalising on existing resources and finally delivering online VET courses;
  • Support the effective digital capacity planning and development of new high-quality VET online courses that align with the digital recognition of learning outcomes and the use of digital services;
  • Design and deliver targeted quality online courses that equip learners with high demand green skills;
  • Overcome barriers that exist in face-to-face classrooms, such as geographic location, physical impediments and socioeconomic context that can create inaccessible learning environments.



  • Green VET Online Campus courses offered via the VETCAMP Platform
  • VET Online Campus Regulatory Framework, defining the landscape in which the VET Online Campus will operate
  • VET Online Campus Ecosystem comprising of: The VETCAMP Online Platform, The VETCAMP Online Catalogues, VETCAMP Online courses delivery



  • VET trainers
  • VETCAMP learners