Transfer of innovative solution in the field of social economy from DomSpain to SZOWES-OWES in the Szczecin region


Description of the Project

The support offered in the framework of OWES is extensive. However, the Szczecin region includes 6 districts (powiats) and the beneficiaries of the activities are dispersed in small and distant places of the region, often charged with taking care of large families. Thus it is desirable to implement innovative tools that remove existing barriers, including those related to time and communication problems.

To this end, the project will implement IT tools (online platform) and visual tools (films), which will not be territorially limited and will allow people interested in the topic of economy and social entrepreneurship to use them, regardless of their area of residence.

To do so, the partners will adapt the Erasmus+ project Open It Up,, coordinated by DomSpain, which received the Grundtvig award for the best adult education project in 2019.


  • To increase the level of innovation by improving access to innovative tools for people at risk of social exclusion in the Szczecin region.

Target group

  • Local communities
  • People at risk of social exclusion
  • NGOs and social enterprises

Project Results

  • 3 videos on local social enterprises, which will provide practical information on ways to solve problems faced by people at risk of social exclusion and the local community.
  • E-learning platform for social entrepreneurs with content on the social economy sector and entrepreneurship, among others.
  • An e-course on setting up or running social enterprises.


Koszalińska agencja rozwoju regionalnego spółka akcyjna – Poland

Aktywa plus emilia kowalska – Poland – Spain