Project description

The internet is more important now than ever as a tool to help us confront the climate crisis. By using messages like “print this email only if necessary” we can train the professionals in charge of designing and implementing digital projects and strategies. However, plans for social and environmental responsibility should never decrease accessibility.

The digitization of society impacts all professional sectors. The transition to online processes and inclusive digital project management cannot take place without active and massive training of all its actors: project managers, designers, communicators, entrepreneurs, content editors, broadcasters and trainers from the VET community, incubators, public actors, etc.


  • Encourage digital professionals to think about combining eco-design and content accessibility
  • To reduce the environmental gap by bringing in more people to participate

Project outputs

  • the documentation of the platform (in the form of tutoring and feedback from the partners in its design), translated into the 5 languages of the partnership.
  • a database of projects and professionals working for innovative, inclusive and low-tech digital solutions (tools, management, achievements), European and collaborative, in the form of an interactive map and developed in wiki format.
  • a training implementation guide for the VET community
  • 3 micro-learning modules on eco-design, accessibility and sustainable and inclusive project management, estimated at 1 day of learning each (about 20 hours training).


Paris et Compagnie (Coordinator) – – France

Nikanor LTD – – Bulgaria

Les – France

DomSpain – – Spain

Istituto dei Sordi di Torino – Italy

SCS LogoPsyCom Belgium