Open It Up

Boostingadult educator competences to upskill pathways of adult learners


Description of the project

This 30-month Erasmus+ project aims to expand and develop educators’ skills in the field of effective teaching of literacy, digital and entrepreneurial skills to adults belonging to vulnerable groups (immigrants and newcomers, poorly educated or low-skilled adults, etc.) through the use of new technologies.

The project is complementary to a previous initiative, “Open the door to Europe” – – which ended in 2016, as it aims to broaden and deepen both language skills (BI-B2 levels) and entrepreneurship skills, taking it one step further and providing adult learners with the skills to turn their ideas into companies.


That both educators and adult learners acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to be autonomous and create their own business, a very challenging goal that seems almost unattainable without basic skills such as literacy and – in the current era of global digitalisation – digital competencies and some notions of entrepreneurship.

Project outputs

  • An E-course entitled “Start your own business” in English, Bulgarian, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Turkish. Available for students and adult educators.
  • A Toolkit for educators with an ICT (innovation-communication-technology) approach, which will include teaching materials and resources for training and working with issues in the field of ICT and entrepreneurship.
  • Webinars for educators on teaching and learning tools, mainly ICT and digital tools.
  • Videos on ‘Start-ups’ from all over Europe, providing practical and illustrative information on how different companies’ ideas were born; the problems they have had to face; good practices learned, etc.


DomSpain (coordinator) – – Spain

Wisamar – – Germany

IDEC – – Greece

Les Cultures – – Italy

Collegium Balticum – – Poland

Universitat Usak – – Turkey

edEUcation – –  United Kingdom

Nikanor – – Bulgaria