Motivate, Act, Promote


Project description

While most Europeans access the internet regularly and all figures seem to indicate that most jobs will require digital skills in the near future, the reality is that many people do not yet have the digital skills to cope with these changes.

We need to involve adults with low educational levels, with a special focus on migrants, the long-term unemployed and people over 45, in lifelong learning activities. We need to encourage them to enter and remain in adult education in order to improve their skills and competences and thus enable them to integrate into the labour market. To this end, educators and education administrators need to be trained to provide them with more personalized learning environments.


  • Support adult educators and educational managers in assessing their digital competences and making them aware of new skills and competences
  • Extend skills and knowledge of adult educators and educational managers to motivate adult learners to learn equity, diversity and inclusion in the learning environment.
  • Develop the competences of adult educators and educational managers implementing innovative practices and digital technologies and effectively promote educational offers.
  • Strengthen the cooperation and networking between organisations and associated partners active in the field of adult education on national and EU levels

Products of the project

  • Digital competences self-assessment tool
  • A Train the trainer blended course
  • A Digital Handbook on online and offline promotional strategies of educational offers for adult educators and educational managers


DomSpain (Coordinator) – – Spain – UK

Universidad de

Nikanor – – Bulgaria

Wisamar – – Germany

Les Cultures – – Italy