Social Boosting Inclusion of migrants through Creative industries


Description of the project

The INCREA project aims to support immigrants/refugees and social workers working with these groups during their integration into European societies, improving their language and business skills through the exploitation of ICT tools. Taking advantage of their personal cultural background, the project will develop a comprehensive KIT of learning materials aimed at addressing the lack of appropriate language and work skills (including digital skills) and promoting language, business and digital skills learning to foster entrepreneurship.


  • To develop training modules and activities considering the different concrete and individual characteristics of the participants in order to support them in their process of integration into European societies, while improving their communication and business skills.

Main project outputs

  • The handbook “From Immigrant to Creative Entrepreneur” will help future creative entrepreneurs to manage and develop their business. It will define a set of tips for creative entrepreneurs willing to learn about “how to run a business”. It will also contain a “technical section” that will focus on issues such as: how to get a loan, how to write a business plan, or how to design a business model.
  • The ICT tool based on the training games In this context, a tool based on the handbook “From immigrant to creative entrepreneur” will be created to promote entrepreneurship and exploit personal cultural background. This background will be the basis for applying new creative ideas in the development of a business. The game will be specially designed and personalised so that participants have a genuine understanding of the INCREA concepts.


CCS Digital Education – – Greece

MateraHub – – Italy

DomSpain – – Spain

UPI – – Slovenia

Società Cooperativa Sociale Onlus (Arnera) – – Italy

Coopération Bancaire pour l’Europe: CBE – – Belgium


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