Guide Me Green

2020 – 1 – LU – KA204 – 0632239


Considering the fact that tourism is getting smarter and that after the COVID -19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to offer all possible options, to which this social responsibility of sustainable travel has been extended. The project aims to provide sustainable and inclusive tourism to disadvantaged groups and disabled travellers. These groups do not usually have as many options to access sustainable tourism as these options are not geared towards these target groups. The project will develop a training programme, toolbox, and campaign to promote inclusive tourism across Europe. 



  • Making sustainable tourism more accessible to disadvantaged groups and debunking myths. 
  • Helping individuals understand the environmental impact of their choices and support a more sustainable tourism economy.
  • Promoting the concept of inclusive sustainable tourism to the authorities to encourage its acceptance and the development of sustainable experiences. 
  • Provide knowledge to adult learners and adult educators about sustainable tourism and the benefits it offers to the immediate local and regional ecosystem, wellbeing, health, heritage conservation and sustainable business development.
  • Work with partner communities and collaborate across sectors to provide more holistic environments and lifelong learning opportunities for adults.
  • Empowering adults to use their knowledge of sustainability to improve their lives and the lives of others as part of their community.



  • Good practise manual and framework
  • Online training programme and handbook for educators
  • Development of the Guide Me Green toolbox and engagement/campaign



  • Training providers
  • Adult educators
  • Local/regional authorities and policy makers