Fight The Fright

Facing the Fear of Public Speaking

2020-1 -LU01-KA204-063239

Description of the project

According to the Adult Education Survey there are several barriers to education identified, but one of the most striking is that 80% of adults who have not been in education or training do not express any interest in taking part in organised learning activities. Fear of public speaking is also highlighted as another major limitation.

Despite the fact that English is the most important foreign language in all partner countries, more than 60% of adults say that they do not feel comfortable speaking English, which is a major disadvantage, as communication in English, such as job interviews, telephone conferences, meetings, product presentations or workshops, is frequent and of great importance in today’s workplace.

It should be noted that more than 75% of the world’s population does not feel comfortable speaking in front of other people. The situation becomes worse when speaking in public in a foreign language, due to unfamiliarity and lack of oral experience.

Theatre activities have been shown to be of great help in the educational setting, and there are many reasons supporting their deployment in the language classroom. The most important function associated with drama is to foster speaking skills and overcome stage fright.

The “Fight the Fright” project proposes an innovative approach that uses the artistic disciplines of performance and storytelling to build a package of educational learning resources with key transversal competences in adults. In the pedagogical context, storytelling and acting are considered appropriate techniques in language learning, and in overcoming the obstacles of public speaking.


Intelectual outputs

  • A curriculum for developing public speaking skills in a foreign language using performance techniques.
  • A guide for adult education professionals on the use of performance techniques in teaching and learning.
  • An online platform for developing public speaking skills.



  • Dante (Coordinador) – – Croatia
  • Fundacja Pro Scientia Publica – – Poland
  • Dom Spain – – Spain
  • Storytellme – – Portugal
  • Institute of Entrepreneurship Development – – Greece




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