Reimagine your Professional-self through Culture


Project description

Many minorities of Europe are still facing many problems, but the largest of these groups is women, who make up half of the population of the EU. It would be useful to create adapted products for those who want to conciliate personal and work life.

The project aims to use the creative industry to help women to start their own projects and industries. Through the formal, non-formal and informal practices, the women can start their own businesses.

Partners will work directly with and for women from disadvantaged groups who want to become entrepreneurs.


  • Provide women entrepreneurs, from disadvantaged backgrounds, with learning opportunities.
  • To support them in acquiring practical knowledge and business skills and to maintain their participation in the business environment.

Intellectual outputs

  • A Cultural Entrepreneurship Map of Europe
  • An ICT Tool for entrepreneurship competences assessment
  • A Self-Assessment Tool of Soft Skills
  • An Online course targeting young and would-be women entrepreneur


CCIS Camera Commercio Italiana per la Spagna Spain (Coordinador) – – Spain

AGRRA – – Croatia

Bucovina Institute – Romania

CBE-GEIE – – Belgium

P-consulting – -Greece