Facilitation for VET trainers and teachers




Europe’s digital transformation continues to accelerate through the development of new emerging technologies. The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused significant disruption to the provision of education/training/mobility opportunities for learners, teachers, and educators across the UE. All institutions have had to adapt in order to be able to provide training and education and have turned to online training. 

The job of trainers is bound to evolve because of the rise in use of digital tools.  The training methods are changing: open and distance training on PC, smartphone or tablet. Mobility training is developing the training via an internet network in a mobile situation and the training context must adapt to this societal change with the prevision of short training content on demand. Consequently, these developments require new digital and transversal skills for teachers/trainers in order to support learners in their online learning process. The development of new skills for a trainer/teacher who has become a “learning facilitator” as well as filling of the gap of a lack of teaching resources allowing the setting up of blended training systems on themes linked to the evolution of the profession of trainer. 


  • Fill in the gap regarding the new required competences of trainers/teachers
  • Help them adapt to a new VET environment and new relationships with learners
  • Support learners in their learning process with upskilled teams and the delivery of high quality training
  • Develop Open Educational Resources (OER) with new methods and tools to deliver quality and inclusive education and training through online and virtual means


  • E-pathway: Consists of a mapping of competences and about 60 micro-modules (micro-learning)
  • Game-based educational tools 
  • Online engineering models


  • Teachers
  • Trainers