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True to Age, True to Gender

2020 – 1 – RO01 – KA204 – 082178

Project description

In our rapidly changing world, older adults are forced into different and challenging environments, requiring new skills and attitudes that can only be gained through education and training. Despite the many efforts made by EU institutions to promote lifelong learning (LLL), there still exists a large share of the population, namely older adults, which is being left behind. Adult education is essential to encourage the elder to be more active and participative in social and civic spheres.

Partners have seen this as an opportunity to discuss the intersectionality of gender and older age and understand the EU’s past, history and common values through this lens. The project will use all this cultural background and legacy as a motor for both the professional competences development of adult educators and the boosting of older adults’ motivation to actively participate in LLL activities.


  • to enhance educators’ professional competences to work with older learners to motivate them to take a more active part in their communities and LLL activities;
  • to create safe learning spaces for older people and understanding the role gender plays in their motivation.
  • to raise awareness about the oppression and empowerment of women by collecting stories of nationally recognised female intellectuals and artists from the 20th century;
  • to generalise the understanding of gender issues through history as EU common values and community cultural heritage;
  • to create synergies among relevant actors in the educational and cultural fields and entities working with the elder.

Intellectual Outputs

  • A handbook-conceptual background: history of oppression and invisible women as a trigger for better understanding common EU values and promoting active participation of older people in LLL.
  • A blended Course targeting Adult Educators: ICT Tools for Older Men and Women.
  • An interactive EU Map «The making of a woman through history” created by working groups of older learners.
  • A set of digital stories elaborated through Collaborative Storytelling with working groups of older learners.


Terapie Familiala si de Cuplu Timisoara (coordinator) – – Romania – Spain

UTZO – Third Age University – Slovenia

Wisamar – Germany



Les – France