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Blended learning Train-the-Trainer



Adult educators are overwhelmed by the opportunities that the digital era has brought to education. In the absence of a strategic approach to continuing training of adult educators in the field of blended learning in different countries across Europe, adult educators are mainly left to rely on their own sense of self-initiative when it comes to introducing blended learning (and innovative teaching practices involving digital technologies in general) into their teaching. While some of them may have mastered the use of individual online tools, the majority do not possess the skills to turn their existing (traditional) courses into proper blended learning ones. Neither do they possess sufficient knowledge to combine online and face- to-face activities in a meaningful way while at the same time paying attention to different factors determining the blended learning teaching process such as learners’ needs, learning goals and outcomes, online communication, online assessment etc. Through a hands-on approach in this project, adult educators will acquire skills to break down their existing (traditionally delivered) courses into blended ones and to make their courses more flexible in terms of the time, place and pace of teaching and learning. 

BLITT project focuses on adult educators who will help other educators when trying to implement blended learning activities in their educational programmes. However, the project itself envisages that adult educators, in particular, will further train other teachers and thus motivate a larger scope of people, working in adult education, to implement blended learning into their activities while paying special attention to pedagogical principles. Adult educators will also be directly involved in the development of intellectual outputs by developing cases studies, giving their feedback, by participating in joint staff training event, by delivering on one hand and by participating on in training workshops on the other hand.


  • To train adult educators to become blended learning champions and to be able to train and motivate other teachers for the use of blended learning – to enhance adult educators’ blended learning skills.

  • To increase the capacity of adult education organisations in blended learning offer

  • To enhance training offer in adult education sector in the field of innovative teaching methodologies by using ICT.



  • Una colección de estudios de casos de aprendizaje combinado
  • Curso de formación de formadores