Improving the digital skills of older people to improve their social inclusion


Description of the Project

The Internet, social networks, digital media and smart devices in general have transformed many aspects of people’s private, professional and social lives in a relatively short period of time. Older people are at the greatest risk of digital exclusion: they largely lack the digital skills needed to participate fully in civic and social life. The acquisition of knowledge about ICT and digital technologies can help to meet this social challenge through the adoption of ICT and digital technologies. Ensuring that older people can participate actively in society is very important for making our societies more inclusive.


To create a stable and replicable educational offer and to improve the provision and delivery of quality non-formal and informal learning opportunities, adapted to the needs of older adults, that educators and education providers, organisations working with older adults and public bodies in unified and more specific actions go in the same direction: the provision of better quality education and opportunities for a higher quality and more inclusive daily life for older adults.

Project outputs

  • A transversal mapping of the Basic Digital Skills needed for greater and better social and civic participation.
  • A “Basic Pack for Digital Life”.
  • Online training.


Rutis (Coordinador) – – Portugal

DomSpain – – Spain

Nerda – – Romania

Villa Greppi – – Italy

Emphasis – – Cyprus


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