DIG – Equal

Digital education for adults and adult educators in e-government access through context-based gamified scenarios

2020 – 1 – LU – KA204 – 0632239


Striking figures on the new EU Digital Action Plan show that 39% of adult educators have insufficient digital skills, and don’t have adequate pedagogical skills in defining new strategies regarding e-government. Most of adult centres focus on basic digital skills, but do not go in the direction of autonomy in the rights exertion by adults. It is important to create a bridge with digitally excluded adults and e-government and define a strategy that blends trust, digital competences and build autonomy among low-skilled/low-educated adults, particularly of disadvantaged categories, in the fields of e-health, online job research and usage of public agency services, bill & taxation e-payment, and e-participation portals. 

We focus on problem solving and critical thinking in every day scenarios that adults face and make e-government closer, practical and pragmatic, showing in concrete ways how life with and without e-government is, and how adults can take advantage and overcome barriers. 



  • Define the main skills and expectations on the main adoption factors for e-government interaction by adults, defining different everyday scenarios together with the target group;
  • Improve and strengthen the competencies and skills of adult educators and low-skilled adults through a training course on the different aspects of e-government services based on a user-perspective;
  • Develop a quest-based interactive web-app for adults to choose and understand everyday situations and compare how “life with and without e-government is” through a gamified approach, useful both as an educational tool for adult educators and for self-learning in a visual and immediate way.



  • A Framework of competencies for adult educators to engage low-skilled/low-qualified adults based on the local engagement of adults and adults educators 
  • A training course for adult educators and adults (Nonformal education tools for adults to stimulate the reasoning of adults along different e-government areas and a course for adults focused on the different e-government scenarios and the tool to support them in practically respond)
  • A quest-based gamified web-app to facilitate how adults understand their everyday situations focus on “life with and without e-government”



  • Adults
  • Adult educators
  • Adult centres 
  • Stakeholders 
  • Local, regional, national and European partners