CHAT2LEARN Chatbot technologies for digital entrepreneurship education of adult learners 2020-1-CY01-KA204-065974 Project description CHAT2LEARN is a project focusing on the innovative use of Technology Enhanced Learning and chatbot technologies into adult education, especially for teaching digital entrepreneurship. Through the project, the partners seek to address the raised expectations of today’s learners, especially economically active people […]


  Last year we were approved for different European projects. We will introduce them to you so that you can get to know them better. We Get: Women Entrepreneurs, Generating Enhancing Training In recent years, entrepreneurship has proven to be a driver for innovation, competitiveness and economic growth, proving to be a fantastic field for […]


Competence+ Blended learning programme for competence development beyond pure professional skills 2020-1-DEC02-KA202-007585 Description of the project Employees in the public transport sector face increasing challenges in their work, such as technical innovation, increased traffic and environmental or customer relations issues. These aspects are stress factors, which show that public transport employees need skills that go […]


E-Heritage 2020-1-EL01-KA2014-078818 Project description In today’s Europe where digital skills in the labour market are so needed, the cultural and creative sectors must not be left behind; they need to catch up with the latest digital strategies to engage new audiences and be an active part of the economy. The cultural and creative industries, including […]

O’Bias Your Future

O’Bias Your Future Overcoming Gender Bias in Career Opportunities 2020 – 1 – PT01 – KA204 – 078826 Project description Descriptions of job offers often contain gender-biased language concerning the characteristics of the desired applicants. Consciously or unconsciously the wording adopted by recruiters is often tainted with terms that are culturally associated with the male […]

News Female Entrepreneur

We are taking the first steps with a project on women and entrepreneurship: Female Entrepreneur: Reimagine your Professional-self through Culture. It is an European project that aims to give learning opportunities to women from disadvantaged backgrounds who want to grow in the field of entrepreneurship. You can discover more about the project in the following […]

ComEnter Rc

ComEnter & RC Community Enterprises & Responsible Citizenship for Youth and Women 2020-1-IT02-KA204-079192 Project description Unlike densely populated areas, rural areas are gradually depopulating. As entrepreneurial competence declines in those areas, many young adults and women can’t access entrepreneurial opportunities. In these zones, it is also difficult for youth and women to participate in the […]


COMPASS Enhancing motivation of older learners to learn through cultural materials 2020 – 1 – FR01 – KA2020 – 080485 Project Description The COMPASS initiative responds to the shared need among partner countries to motivate older learners to be more active in lifelong learning. Educators will need special techniques and strategies to motivate seniors to […]


DeTeleda Development of Competences of Spanish Language Teachers for Early Language Education in the Digital Age 2020-1-RS01-KA204-065410 Description of the project The Erasmus+ project DeTELEDA “Development of Competences of Spanish Language Teachers for Early Language Education in the Digital Age” (2020-1-RS01-KA204-065410) sets its priorities within the field of pedagogy and didactics, early childhood education, and […]


E-Heritage 2020-1-EL01-KA2014-078818 Descripción del proyecto En la Europa actual, donde las aptitudes digitales en el mercado laboral son tan necesarias, el sector cultural y creativo no puede quedar rezagado y debe ponerse al día con las últimas estrategias digitales para atraer a nuevos públicos y ser un motor económico activo. Las industrias culturales y creativas, […]